Thursday, April 29, 2010

Unexpected Change in Events....

So my goal of having our Market Place up and running by the end of this week won't be happening! But, it isn't all my fault or due to something I could fix (if I could it would probably save me some $$). Yesterday my computer started making it's own decisions (something I wish it would do more often if it would help me!) and decided it would shut down, and not come back to life....

So, after time on the phone and dad and me both pushing every F-something button there was no hope we could get the silly thing to boot up! And then the decision was was time to take her down to CSI (some computer fix-it group) and hope they can get it up and running.

But...the drama doesn't end there. As we were pushing all those buttons assuming I really know what I'm doing dad says..."so what's the last backup you last week or something..."

Yeah, about that. I'm usually really good with the computer. But I've totally spaced on running backups on the computer, just those automated ones that are SAVED ON THE COMPUTER. So, hopefully in addition to the guys at CSI getting the computer to actually boot up I'm praying they can save all my documents. Cause honestly, if they can't....lets just say I'm up a creek without a BIG PADDLE and that's not gonna be good!

So I'm here to say...I am very sorry that our Market Place won't be up this week, lets pray next week you'll see a link on the website. So until then just keep checking back!


  1. Oh no, Chelsea! Sadly, I've been in your shoes......TWICE! Since my brother is my 'tech support', he grew tired of my antics and he set my computer to automatically back up (to the main server) every night. Good luck, can't wait to see the Market Place!
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  2. It's awful, but thankfully I got the computer back and didn't lose much...and hopefully I'll get the our Market Place up and running soon! Keep in touch, we'd still love to have you down to the Studio sometime!