Thursday, January 15, 2009

Return from Market

We’ve returned from Market after a very long 6 days of non-stop shopping!
(Every woman’s dream)

But it wasn’t easy; it was a lot of hard work. I am proud to say that I think between Mom, Dad, and myself we found some really great products that everyone will love.
We visited our normal everyday Home Décor lines and picked up their new products which are already arriving to the store. By Tuesday UPS was bringing loads of boxes that are already being put out as fast as they can be unpacked.

As we walked up and down floor after floor of vendors, it became difficult to walk past showrooms that caught our eye. So we steered off course and checked out these unknown companies and many times ended up ordering from them. In the past, this has played out great for us! For example, the line of Vintage Customized Signs that are currently in the store came to us in just that way. We were walking along and the booth caught my eye and now they have become one of our most popular items. And this year was no different. We found many new vendors with products that are truly unique and special and couldn’t resist ordering.

We are excited to announce a new line of French Soaps and Potpourri that will make the perfect housewarming gift, or every day gift for that special friend. We found a great new leather line and outdoor seating line, as well as beautiful Italian Ceramics’ in all different shapes and colors. I am personally most excited about the new bedding line I found and can’t wait to get it in the store. It should be arriving within the next few weeks.

And if you can believe it or not, while we were at market we did all our Christmas buying for 2009. Even though Christmas just ended, and most people are glad it’s over, we jumped head first into the heart of it all. Choosing our themes and collections, color choices, and Santa’s, new ornaments’ and tree skirts and imagining it all in our heads of what we’re going to do ten months in advance!

This is only a teaser as to what we found at Market and what you can expect to see in the store over the next few months. We are excited about what we’ve bought and hope you will be too. Please stop in and see the new merchandise that is arriving daily from Home Décor and Art to Gift Items, as well as our new “Boutique” that will truly catch your eye.

Spring is just around the corner and we have yet another surprise coming your way to celebrate the changing of the season!


  1. Thanks for the nice comment. It's funny that you took the same picture of the nests in the wine glasses... I'm always looking for a new place to put a nest.

  2. I'm sure it's the same for you guys, but any sort of nest is always popular, and we loved how they placed them! Market always give us such good ideas, it's re-creating those ideas that's difficult! Is business continuing successfully for you guys out on the West coast? Our store is a 'sister' store to 5 others in the Mid-West and I always like hearing how different areas of the country are doing, especially now.