Friday, March 2, 2012

Winter has arrived!

Here in Vermont I think many of us were wondering if we'd ever have winter. Well, I'd like to say that I think we have finally gotten it. A bit late, since it's now March 2nd. But we'll take it!

I don't think I share this happiness of the snow with many people but it's wonderful to wake up and see the snow on the trees and snow lightly falling. And yes, I know it is probably very cold outside, but it's just so pretty!

But with spring coming very soon...they are calling for temps in the high 40's already this weekend (good-bye snow, hello MUD!) it's time to think about making some much needed changes in our homes to get us in the mood for spring. Lighten up your rooms, put away heavy draperies if you change yours, and add some flowers though out the house to feel like spring is on it's way.

And if your really ambitious, grab a can of paint and starting painting that room that has bothered you all winter. No time is better than the present!

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