Thursday, March 4, 2010


Sorry for the long pause between posts, it's been a bit crazy around here! It's everyones favorite time of year....when we all get sick! Little Bella has been down for the count for two weeks now and of course it's passed its way along to everyone, and everyone has been taking care of each other. But I think we've finally gotten through the worst of it!

Ok, on to the nitty gritty....New Fabrics Have Arrived!!! Here's a few of our favorites from Wesley Hall and Highland House. There are so many great ones we didn't know which ones to take pictures of.

Adorable doggie fabric from WH - Definitely think we'll

be using this one for some roman shades!

An array of my favorites from WH - There are so many to pick from, but these caught my eye first

An entire stack from Highland House!

Some coordinates from HiHouse - Can be used together for an entire room or individually

Texture like a corduroy - in many different colors!

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