Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Home Makeover 101

Mom came across this very interesting article and I thought I'd share some points from it.

101 Makeovers....for your home! Featured in 'House Beautiful'

Tip #6
Paint your baseboards a contrasing color such as Spanish brown or dark gray. It's like applying eyeliner - it will make the wall pop. Plus, it won't show scuffs.

Tip #7
Consider setting the furniture - and the carpet - on an angle. It will change the whole dynamic of a room.

Tip #23
Place a large mirror opposite a window to open up a room and double the amount of natural light.

And the best of all.....

Tip #19
The single cheapest makeover I know is a dimmer, a new CD, and some flowers.

Be sure to check back, I'll post more makeover tip throughout the next week or so. Everyone deserves a beautiful home!


  1. Juat wanted to say, "Hi!" and thanks for stopping by our blog... We only go to Atlanta in January but we should meet next year to share info since we seem to have the same taste...

  2. We should plan a meeting next year in Atlanta, that would be great. We only go to Atlanta in January as well. I love looking at your blog, it's great to see what other stores are doing, especially one that carries some of the same products we do. Best wishes to you and your store!