Saturday, November 22, 2008

Black Friday

To most people, Black Friday can be a very dreadful day. A day you may not like to participate in. I am one who would never think of getting up at 3am to stand outside the doors of Target, Best Buy, Sears etc... in hopes of not being stomped into the ground as I rush through the crowds in hopes of being one in 10 that snags that 50" Flat Screen T.V for $700.
But my point is, Black Friday doesn't need to be a dreaded shopping day. And for the first time, we are going to be having a Black Friday Sale at Keeping Good Company!
So join us for our first Black Friday Sale
Nov. 28th from 10am - 12pm ONLY
We promise you won't have to fight the crowds and you can enjoy warm beverages and cookies as you shop.
Not to mention, we promise you'll find great savings you won't want to miss!!!!

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