Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First Snow and Halloween

It has arrived! Most people dread this time of year and wish the fall weather would last just a little bit longer, but unfortunately it is coming to an end already. This morning most of us woke up to the first snow fall, and it is still falling. Not enough to make everyone too crazy yet, but enough to put people in the mindset that winter is upon us.

Well it's just in time! A week before Halloween, and a week before we turn our store into a winter wonderland. In fact, 10 days until we paper the windows and start the grueling task of decorating for the Holidays. But before we can do that, we need to get ourselves ready, and move all the Fall and Halloween items out. Today we will start our Fall Sale, all fall and Halloween items will be on sale until there are no more. Including those designer made Halloween decorations that people flock into our store to buy. You'd be surprised how many women have Halloween collections, and when they see a new piece they just about die! In fact, last year we had three women from Florida who happened to be walking by our window on their way to dinner and saw that we had a display of Halloween items that Anna and I were just setting up. And it was like a tornado came through our store. They swooped up all our designer figurines and decorative pumpkins and candy corn. They were having a blast, and we were trying to figure out how we were going to ship all this and have it arrive in one piece. Believe it or not, we did pretty well, only two broken items and luckily we had a few left in the store to send down to them.

Pongo Pete

Trick or Treat

But, back to my point, all Fall and Halloween items on the floor are on sale starting today. Who wants to wait till after Halloween to get all those good buys, why not before Halloween so you have it for this year and enjoy it!

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